4. Stroke of Luck. 

Sarvesh: What is she doing here? The evening will be ruined.  Let’s walk out of here before Dwijesh sees her.

Luckily they managed to walk out of the bar without Dwijesh seeing Ishita. 

So are we done for tonight? 

Yup, time to start packing only 3 days to go. 

Always wanted to have a Spanish girlfriend, I’m definitely gonna try my luck out there, said Vicki 

And all four of them started laughing. 

Friends the thing about engineers all over the world is that they are desperate for having a girl friend.

Dude, do you really think you can get a Spanish gf? 

Yea ofcourse. Why not?  

Dwijesh: Well you will know the reason in Spain.  I need to leave now, got an appointment with a dentist. Bye.  

Dwijesh started moving towards his car. Vicki turned towards the others and asked them about the thing between Dwijesh and Ishita. 

Chris: They had an ugly break up. 

Silence for a couple of seconds. 

Vicki: That’s it?  They had an ugly breakup. I want to know what exactly happened. 

Sarvesh: Ask Dwijesh once you get a Spanish girlfriend.  High five Chris 

Chris: For now, just ensure that dwijesh doesn’t see her. Atleast till we are back from Spain. 

Vicki: Okay dude!  Now get into the car. I will drop you guys. 


They had just drifted away from the bar, when Dwijesh called Chris 

Dude, any chance you found my wallet? 


Okay.  Seems like I lost it in the bar. I am heading back to the bar.  Bye. 

*hungs up the phone *

Oh no!  Oh no! 

What happened? 

Dwijesh seems to have lost his purse in the bar. 

Oh no!  

Let’s get back. 

Are you sure? 

Yes ofcourse. 

In the next 10 minutes, it happened so that Vicki jumped a signal to make it quick but unfortunately was not quick enough to reach before Dwijesh. On the other hand, Dwijesh reached the bar, luckily found his Wallet and was walking out when he bumped into Ishita. 

P.S. Next part coming soon 


3. Tick Mark 

And the title of the List read “Spain – See you soon” 

After jotting down the names, Chris and Dwijesh finalised on three names based on their Compatibility with the people enlisted. Some were ruled out because of grudges and people like Tony because of their trouble creating abilities. Harsh, Sarvesh, Vicki and Tushar. It turned out that Tushar was already on a foreign tour with his boss. Sarvesh and Vicki agreed readily but Harsh behaved truly in his own way. 

Bro!  It’s damn costly. I can’t afford it and moreover I am bit busy with my office work. 

These were the actual words. 

While what they heard was, Bro I am a marwadi I can’t spend so much on a stupid trip to Spain with friends. 

“I understand”, said dwijesh and hung up the phone. 

So it’s gonna be four of us. 

Yea, that is what it seems as of now. 

Should we ask the girls? More the merrier. 

Dude no!  Once in Spain, we have to utilise each minute and neither do I want to spend my time on “I can’t decide what I should wear” nor on “take another selfie, my this pose looks better” So only boys 

Only boys it is! 

And so in the evening the four of them met to discuss the tour and plan stuff out. 

“So next Sunday we are leaving”, said Vicki. 

“Yup, damn excited “, exclaimed dwijesh 

“4 days to go for the fun to begin “, Sarvesh added 

Chris: Cheers!  

I’ll get another round of beer, saying this dwijesh started walking towards the bartender. 

Chris: Oh no! 

Vicki: What? 

Chris: Turn around 

Sarvesh: What is she doing here?  The evening will be ruined.  Let’s walk out of here before Dwijesh sees her. 

P.S. Next part coming soon 

2. Well you see… 

He turned around to find a blonde girl. There she was Diana. Chris saw her, turned back to dwijesh and said, 

Dude, she is so out of my league.  I don’t even stand a chance to say hello, ssup?  

And just then enters Tony. Tony was a happy-go-Lucky type of person and also a typical “kal Ho naa Ho” type of person. And so without any fear he used to approach girls, display some of his antiques, set himself on a date and never see that girl again. He walked towards Chris and said, 

So Diana huh? 

Who is Diana? 

The blonde you were staring at. 

Nah not really, just happened to see her 

Let me set you up with her 

Saying this, Tony walked towards Diana and said her something (which we learnt later from Diana).  Diana got up from her seat walked towards us with a smile,  but all of a sudden her face turned red, she slapped Chris and then said 

What the hell do you think of yourself. What on earth makes you feel that I am a hooker.

As she said hooker, they both looked angrily at Tony. 

You coward you don’t have the courage to walk up to a woman. If you can’t respect a woman don’t dare to demean her. 

Chris and Dwijesh were totally confused on this turn off events, before Chris could react to this , Dwijesh intervened and said,

Lady, you seem to be mistaken. My friend never regarded you as a hooker. 

The whole crowd was gazing at this scene. Chris, though not guilty, looked rather embarrassed by this. Infact he even apologised. 


Dwijesh: Okay dude, let me tell you something it was a prank. Tony and Diana already knew each other and Tony asked her for this favour owing to which she slapped you and in return Tony paid her bill that night. 

Chris : What the **** I am gonna give him a befitting reply some day, but he is not coming with us. 

He sure isn’t. I was just joking about it. Let’s do one thing, list out our common friends and then select out one or may be two people to travel with. 

Sounds like a good idea.  

And the title of the List read “Spain – See you soon” 😛 


OOPS!  Diana eventually became a good friend and started hanging out with us. After that hard slap Chris never thought of moving ahead with Diana. 

1. The beginning 

Walking down the aisle, she realised, it were the last few minutes before she will become Mrs. Stenson. Though she wanted to but lately she was scared. Maybe typical bride thing’s, she thought. 

The hall was filled with friends and family. There in the black suit studded with a navy blue tie was Dwijesh, the guy who has been with the “to be married couples” in all their thick and thin besides him was Vicky, the nerdy engineer and with them in a beautiful saree was Diana 

A few moments later, the crowd was all cheers after the groom Chris said “I do”  and there they were happily married and tied to each other with a sacred bond of love for the rest of their life.  

Chris and Dwijesh had been friends since childhood.  Be it playing pranks on random people during schooling or spending time around doing nothing but discussing movies or even getting a date, they have lived many a moments together. And that is what made their friendship a talk at their respective home.  Typical Indian parents you see, 

Sharmaji k bete ko 95% miley hai, what about you?  Do you wish to be a cobbler or a waiter at some restaurant?  All you do is hang out with Dwijesh and roam around, why don’t you take his help in studies, Chris father said in an angry tone. Having said that, Dwijesh was actually a Sharmaji ka beta, not just with the way he studied but even by name.  

It all started in a journey to Spain. Chris and Dwijesh had been planning to travel to Spain and see its scenic beauty for a long time. They had planned the whole trip out but their budget for the trip was less than the actual money required. 

We have been delaying this since a long time now if not now then I am not sure when, Dwijesh said in a low tone. 

“What else can we do, we are short of funds, we need to plan the next few months as well. I have to save money, I am planning out a trip with Erica next month. I can’t spend more than this, Chris said pointing on a paper which read the amount. 

Then I think it’s only better to postpone the trip to Spain for now, Dwijesh said. 

Or….  What if we ask another person to join us on this trip. That will bring the per head budget down and we will have some more company. 

Chris thought this idea exciting but minutes later he saw himself confused.  When asked by Dwijesh he question him back saying who would be the third tier? 

Let’s ask Viren 

No, he is a total jackass. Whenever I see him, I think of punching him hard on his face. 

Then Tony… Dwijesh said jokingly.. 

Huh that was the last thing I wanted to hear. You know very well how he got us into trouble at the Relish bar. 

Flashback: Once it happened so that Chris and Dwijesh were having their normal round of beer.  Dwijesh was trying to convince Chris that he should forget about Vanessa and move on, find a new girl and move ahead in life. He turned around and saw a blonde girl.  There she was Diana.