Life after season 7 of “SUITS”

There are some tv shows with which you get so much clinged that the end of the show creates a void in the heart of the viewer.

I was quite lucky to have watched “friends” after the end of the show. Probably because in the beggining itself I was aware of how it ends.

Months back a friend of mine recommended me the tv series called “SUITS”. For all those who haven’t heard about it, it is a story of two successful lawyers and how their team manages to win case after case right from corporate cases to pro-bonos

Well it will be unjust to the reader if I fail to mention the fact that one of the lawyer “Mike Ross” (Played by Patrick Adams) is hired despite not being a lawyer, by Harvey Specter (Played by Gabriel Macht)

For people who stay regularly updated, they might be aware of this show as an amazing role of Rachel Zane has been played by Meghan Markle (to be her Highness, as she is getting married to Prince Harry)

Well, her Highness Rachel, is casted opposite to Mike. At the end of season 7, after facing a lot of problems, they finally get married.

Now, with the Royal marriage coming up Rachel has left the show and so has Mike citing family reasons.

Although Team “SUITS” has come up with new cast Katherine heigl (cast of Gray’s anatomy) but then Suits without Mike and Rachel will never feel like Suits again. Especially the Batman and Robin pair of Harvey and Mike.

But then again, not to forget, Donna and Harvey have been such an amazing pair that we might see more of them now. Hopefully season 8 will be coming soon and intersting enough to “Litt” us up

Will miss you Rachel and Mike.


You before me! 

Yes, absolutely the fans of Emilia Clarke would have noted that the title is an altered version of her movie “Me Before You.” but the topic of my interest today is something which I will always put before my personal gains and interests. PARENTS.

Well whenever I have posted about money and monetary planning stuffs, I have always talked about peeping into the future and saving a little for our future progenies while spending the rest on experiences but one thing I never mentioned about, and not just me all individuals in this great place of God, is that we never plan about the future of our parents.

I know people might end up criticising me for even talking about their futures. And if they do so I’ll be glad Coz then they will say that this is not a topic of discussion, my parents will stay with me forever. If that is the case, I am ready for all such criticism.

Well this topic is just to let everyone rethink about their parents future. Huh! Surprising isn’t it. Because there is a time in our life when they talk to us about securing our future. About saving money, investing our time in right things, choosing better friends (yes, they helped in that case as well) and countless more things and I’m quite sure your parents would have done the same thing for you. Then why did the concept of an elders home come into picture?

My simple point of view here is that a day will come in your life where you’ll have to grow up and act smart. There might be a difference in opinions or anything xyz reason, but there is no reason strong enough to stay away from parents until death make us apart. Your parents are your responsibility and if you can’t give them a life they deserve then you are no good a child.

A friend once asked me what is Ram Rajya, well I don’t know much about what all things should be included in it but it will definitely have no place for elders home.

Inspired by marathi movie: Natasamrat!

कोणी घर देता का, घर?

Modiji ki galti hai… 

Never in the history of our country a Prime Minister was so well known amongst his people. Leading such a large democratic nation like India is noteveryone’s cup of tea.  

Please note, I am no Modi bhakt or Congress virodhi. 😂😂 

Back in 2006, I faintly remember when I heard of police or the ATS team finding a live bomb in Gujarat where the chief minister of Gujarat was about to visit. That is when I first heard the name of Narendra Modi. 

And then those ads of “Kuch din toh gujariye Gujarat mai” (spend atleast somedays in Gujarat)  somehow fixed his name in my mind. And then who can forget “Abki bar Modi sarkar” slogans. 

To all those wondering why I didn’t speak a word about 2002 riots, I was just 6 at that time and so I didn’t know him then. 

I don’t know how he rose to power, I didn’t trace his route to LokSabha and the best/worst I remember is about the last 3 years. 

In late May he swore in as the PM of India and then things began to change. You decide for the best or the worst.. I’ll just throw in some facts which need to be known to us before judging his capabilities and questioning his leadership. 

1. We talk about giving basic needs to all. We say food, shelter and clothes are the basic needs. What we forget is that hygiene and cleanliness are equally important. In such a vast country where open defecation was common he included in his to do list the task to make India an open defecation free Nation. 

2. “Green India, Clean India”  I have been hearing this slogan since I was in school. But saw it only now.  

3. Modiji kitne trip lagaoge??? 

I am someone who wants to travel and enjoys doing so, so what’s wrong when Modiji does so.  Oh oops he is the PM he is not supposed to do that.  OH WAIT can it be a business deal??  A tie up with countries to ensure they support us against terrorism.  

4. Surgical Strike 

Saam, daam, dand, bhed…  Ever heard of this…  First talk, then give some price for it…  Still doesn’t work punish and then divide…  If only so would have been the case in 1947.   (anyway I wasn’t there to know what prevail than…  some other time about that)  

They say modiji ne kahan kuch kia… Jo kiya army ne kiya…  Arey bhai toh isse pehle kyu nahi kiya???  

There are many more things to say… Yes some of his moves have been drastic but we must all realise that it is difficult to adapt to any change, and if we don’t change we are not going forward…  

You may or may not respect him and seriously I don’t think he craves for respect all he wants is India to progress as a nation. 

Criticism, like rain should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots. 

So if you wish to criticise him, do so but in a constructive way… Keep in mind that he is the PM of our country and deserves respect. 

Thanks for your precious time…  Keep blogging 

Reservation, seriously? 

We all know how diverse nation India is. People belonging to different religions, cultural practice and speaking different languages have been residing here since long time. 

Let me be clear about this, I don’t support the caste system neither am I against it. All I am against is the exploitation of humans based on this system.  

No person in the right frame of mind should have created a system to exploit a community and make them vulnerable in the first place. But unfortunately, it happened. 

(I don’t think the intention behind making this system was to exploit the others, but worst come worst it could have been a reason and so… ) 

But as they say, what goes around comes around. Back then the higher castes exploited the lower ones and now it is vice versa. 

Yes, and no doubt it is true to the best of my knowledge. 

Since we got independence, a system was put to encourage the people belonging to lower caste to come up. This was in short meant to benefit the lower castes and bring them to the main stream. Here, it is important to understand what the main stream is… 

The main stream is basically a family condition where the family is self sufficient, has equal opportunities for growth and is not looked as the vulnerables. 

I really appreciate the fact that such a system was installed in a country of population more than 50 crores then and still prevails when the population has crossed 125 crores. ( Not to forget, it has prevailed till now only because it is one of the powerful tool for politicians to continue their regime) 

The thought was clear, it was to promote the growth of people and to give equal opportunities to all. And thus it gave rise to the reservation system. 

In 2022, it will be 75 years of Indian independence. So given the fact that India has provided equal opportunities to all since 1947, India should ideally have all its population over the BPL i.e below poverty line.  

Okay 125 crores is a huge population and I understand that its difficult to help them all, and reach people till grassroot level…  But even then atleast 75% of the population should be above BPL. (assuming 1% p.a.)

No it doesn’t work that way. 

Let me give you a glimpse of how it works 

Before that allow me to get this into your beautiful brain, that not all those who belong to caste category are a BPL family and not all those who belong to the general or unreserved category are from a well to do family. 

Now, a student scoring 35% from a well to do family secures admission in the topmost college on the basis of his caste and at the same time a Student securing 88% from a below poverty line family is denied admission to the same college just because he belongs to the unreserved category. 

Are we actually providing equal opportunities??? 

Okay so all those who are going to tell me that they belong to reserved category and their whole community was ill treated by my ancestors… I give you all my sympathy but not the right to snatch away the future of someone innocent. 

And the icing on the cake… 

A reserved category student gets concession in his fees.  The concession is such that when the college is about 40000 he pays only around 4000 while the unreserved pays the whole sum.  

And if in such a case you feel that my ancestors treated you bad think of what situation you are putting a family into when all they earn is rupee 2.5 lacs per annum and give away 40k for their child’s education while you have a family income of 10 lacs and are paying just 3000 bucks out of your pocket.  I pity your thoughts. 

And one more important thing is the inclusion of teachers on the basis of this system…  Seriously?  You wish to have a 35% scoring teacher put in front of a crowd which has students securing more than 90%. What do you expect the teacher to teach?  Will the lecture be worth attending for such a student. Will it not be a waste of his precious time. 

I think if reservation is to be given it ought to be on the basis of someone’s financial condition and not on the basis of which caste or religion you belong. At the end of the day we are humans first and if we can’t give others a hope to live than we should not even take one away from them…  

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Save for the future or invest in the present? 

Many of us have been going through this stuff. Money is like one of the most volatile thing to exist in this beautiful world. 

So the day I started earning, elders started suggesting me to save. Spend less and put the money in some life insurance or blah blah blah. 

On the contrary I believe in spending. Get experiences which will be worth sharing.  You save today to spend tomorrow, but what if you don’t see a tomorrow. 

I know people will tell that what if you don’t have anything to spend tomorrow and you need it urgently…  Emergencies and all…  But my point is clear, don’t spend all the money, keep a share of it for tomorrow, at the same time do not limit yourself.  

God blessed us with a life and made us all capable to bring in another life on earth. But he never said that you save for their future and secure it.  I don’t say that your child should not be a priority, what I wish to say is that if everyone is saving for their future generations than we are not enjoying our stay on this planet. We are securing our child’s future, they in turn will secure the future of their progenies. We are just burdening ourselves with responsibility which may not even exist in the first place. 

Our life is precious, don’t waste it thinking about what will happen in the future. It will not go as planned for sure. But, yes one thing is certain that if you live as if tomorrow is your last day, then you will definitely have great stories to recite.  

Stay blessed and live long pals. 

Feel free to share your thoughts…


“Respect your elders and women”  

This is what we have been told right from our formative years. As and when we grow, we tend to forget most of the other things but this “Respect” one continues to stay with us. Obviously because we practice it daily.

I had this professor in my junior college who would never let any student to stand and greet him or stand and answer his questions. He was of the opinion that respect should be in the heart. Afterall what’s the point of respecting him on his face and then using low grade adjectives on his back. 

On the other hand, one teacher in my high school had a complete different opinion. She always said that respecting someone is a habit and it should be irrespective of who or what that person is. 

Yet another example is of a teacher who used to call her students as Sir and Ma’am, as she always said, Give respect, get respect!  

Harvey Specter, a character from the TV series Suits, once remarked on air that You need respect, you gotta earn it. 

4 different people, 4 different perspectives. 

There were so many other things our parents and elders taught us, but we are stuck today with only one thing “Respect”.  Why is it that respect matters more? 

I hear about local leaders being respected due to man as well as money power and at the same time Our PM being critically abused.  

I think respect the person who deserves to be respected irrespective of caste, age or gender. 

Stay blessed pals!  

Money makers!

Ever since I read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” this thought has been coming again and again in my mind.

They say money attracts money. This is true and adding to this I would say the more you spend, the more it comes back to you. Just as they say, what goes around, comes around.

I am no finance guru but its what I have seen happening and I am making an attempt to make you all understand the reason behind this philosophy of mine.

Successful people don’t do different things, they do the same, in a different way. That’s how it works. A general middle class family tends to save, while the rich, they tend to invest. It is so obvious that the saved money gives you barely an interest of 5-10% p.a. While on the other hand, the invested money may get doubled or tripled. (I don’t deny that it may get halved as well)

So what exactly makes the money makers, high profile people different from us?

It is just their willingness to take risk.

All in all, when you spend money, you ensure that you earn enough, but when you start saving it, you start getting accustomed and contended to this shortage of money.

So I guess it’s time, when we start getting ourselves out of this uncomfortably comfortable zone.

Maybe, I am thinking the wrong way so feel free to correct me and leave your precious opinions below.