The philosopher’s Goal!

Every morning I wake up confused. Confused about life, about events, about career, and what not…. And amidst all this, is a constant desire to try out new things. To take risk, to live, love, travel, earn, party and moreover do as I please…

Relatable, right?

At the end of the day, when we rest our head on those softened pillows, and revisit our life, there comes an imaginary audio visual of how things are meant to be… And all this only brings us to think what destiny has to offer us.

As someone who is addicted to reading quotes daily, I came across this 2 quotes…


If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.


If it’s meant to be, it will be find a way.

You certainly would have come across both of these.

TBH, I was constantly stuck between these two, until I decided that I’ll first go after what I want and then if it’s destined it will come… Lol…

It’s so funny, that we see things as we want to. Like if I don’t get what I want, my reaction is that maybe I was not destined to get it, while my parents think that I didn’t go after it.

So dear philosopher’s the next time you try to bring in a quote, why don’t you cover all aspects of the population. This way it will be suitable to all, relatable to all and won’t play games in our minds.

P.S. this post is in a lighter vein but some of the aspects are my actual concerns and feelings. I understand that the prime goal of all philosopher’s and reputed people is to bring in positivity through various sayings but these sayings were messing with my brain….


Author: dwijeshsharma

live, love, laugh

3 thoughts on “The philosopher’s Goal!”

  1. Absolutely true.It is easy to quote everything in lines but reality is not the same.And as u mentioned in last lines,these are meant to motivate people.And it would not suit for a mass crowd because these are quoted based on personal experiences!!!!


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