The mentor!

In less than a year’s time I’ll be completing my post graduation in organic chemistry. Huh! Finally the part of life called as education limited to the curriculum is going to end. And it will be the biggest mistake of my life if I don’t give enough credit to the one without whom this would not have been possible.

Although my mentor has been with me since my childhood but his role became prominent when I was in 10th.

It all started with an Algebra exam. Back then, it was my favourite subject and I still enjoy solving Maths. The last prelims of the school were around the corner and just like every other student I was preparing for the exams. Then came the Algebra exam, I was quite confident of scoring good marks and this was the final shot before the boards! So I solved and solved and solved… At the end, when I read the question paper, some how I could not remember the method to solve a few questions which made me nervous and I ended up messing it.

(Oh no, I didn’t fail, I scored 47/60 šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚, but back then anything less than 59/60 in maths was not good enough for me)

I came home and talked about it. Frightened a bit, because my dad was very particular about the marks scored in maths and science. But he was quite supportive. He said never mind, sleep for sometime and then prepare for the next exam.

I was surprised, because as a kid, you know how your parents will react to certain situations. And specially when you are born in an Indian family. Because even if you get good marks there is always that friend who scores more than you. Relatable right?

The next episode happened 1 month before my 12th exams.

It was quite a busy schedule for me then as I had to appear for 5 exams at different places in 3 days.

My dad came to the rescue, and asked me to prepare only for one of them. He said even if you score less marks in others it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day I have to sign your scorecard and I will know the reason why you scored less, if at all you do.

I ended up scoring 5/75 in chemistry. Yea surprise! And this was just 15-20 days before the board exams.

I was coming home and my dad was leaving for some work then. He saw me a little sad and he asked me the reason behind it. I told him my marks and he replied, ”

No problem, it is okay.

If you would have scored more marks then it would have been difficult for you to identify your weaknesses. But now that you have scored only 5 it means the whole subject is a weakness for you. Study and make it your strength.

I ended up scoring 81/100 in the board exams. All parts covered in just 15-20 days. As of now I am not only learning but also teaching chemistry (and maths as well)

Just in a few months time I’ll be completing my masters in chemistry. It’s been an amazing journey, but it would not have been possible without those words and support. Thank you Papa!


Author: dwijeshsharma

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