The rocking chair which isn’t rocking anymore…

How often do you come across a rocking chair now? You might have come across a plastic one which many toddlers are seen with… But it has now become quite rare to locate one…

Time, my friend, changes the trend.

There was a time, some 20 years ago, (or maybe before, but I wasn’t there then so can’t say) where these chairs were trending. Such was the fun of sitting on those chairs that me and my sister used to fight for it. (We fighted for almost everything 😂😂)

We didn’t have one, but there was one at our relatives place. So that chair was like one of the reasons why we used to be so excited to visit our relatives. Ofcourse, the other reason was meeting cousin’s and the last reason was that back then we had no other options but to go with our parents… 😂😂

Those were the days…

As I speak of this, a movie scene Comes into my mind where the actor was sitting on the rocking chair and smoking cigar… So obviously these chairs were trending way back then…

But now, I hardly find any of these chairs around me. The fun of childhood is now gone and is far off reach. It’s not trending anymore. What’s trending now is a mobile phone in the hands of 5 year olds. It makes me happy that I was born before technology took over.

This is what life is about, things which ones meant the world to us, don’t even matter anymore. I remembered about this chair only today morning and I’m quite sure that this thing didn’t come in my mind for the past 5 years at least… That’s life!

Tc pals…


Author: dwijeshsharma

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5 thoughts on “The rocking chair which isn’t rocking anymore…”

  1. Hey! I too had that chair at my grandfather’s but none of us had the guts to sit on that as that chair ( I don’t know why) belonged to the head of the family 😄. We still have that chair. My grandfather still sit on that and read morning newspaper and watch TV. Thank you for making me go back there for a moment. 😃


  2. A rocking chair is now only a memory! I remember, each house has atleast 1. They still make it, but it really isn’t the same – design and comfort while rocking in it.
    I had the opportunity of sitting on one recently, and I will have to admit – the first rock I had, I thought I’d fall off.. that’s how long after I’ve sat on one…
    I’ve forgotten how to rock on a rocking chair 😦
    It’s all about soft cushions and there’s nothing rocking about that!
    Good post buddy!
    In Goa, you still rocking chairs in some of the old Portuguese houses 🙂 New flats cannot accommodate one coz of space constraints!
    – Savio (Goa)

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