Life after season 7 of “SUITS”

There are some tv shows with which you get so much clinged that the end of the show creates a void in the heart of the viewer.

I was quite lucky to have watched “friends” after the end of the show. Probably because in the beggining itself I was aware of how it ends.

Months back a friend of mine recommended me the tv series called “SUITS”. For all those who haven’t heard about it, it is a story of two successful lawyers and how their team manages to win case after case right from corporate cases to pro-bonos

Well it will be unjust to the reader if I fail to mention the fact that one of the lawyer “Mike Ross” (Played by Patrick Adams) is hired despite not being a lawyer, by Harvey Specter (Played by Gabriel Macht)

For people who stay regularly updated, they might be aware of this show as an amazing role of Rachel Zane has been played by Meghan Markle (to be her Highness, as she is getting married to Prince Harry)

Well, her Highness Rachel, is casted opposite to Mike. At the end of season 7, after facing a lot of problems, they finally get married.

Now, with the Royal marriage coming up Rachel has left the show and so has Mike citing family reasons.

Although Team “SUITS” has come up with new cast Katherine heigl (cast of Gray’s anatomy) but then Suits without Mike and Rachel will never feel like Suits again. Especially the Batman and Robin pair of Harvey and Mike.

But then again, not to forget, Donna and Harvey have been such an amazing pair that we might see more of them now. Hopefully season 8 will be coming soon and intersting enough to “Litt” us up

Will miss you Rachel and Mike.


Author: dwijeshsharma

live, love, laugh

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