You before me! 

Yes, absolutely the fans of Emilia Clarke would have noted that the title is an altered version of her movie “Me Before You.” but the topic of my interest today is something which I will always put before my personal gains and interests. PARENTS.

Well whenever I have posted about money and monetary planning stuffs, I have always talked about peeping into the future and saving a little for our future progenies while spending the rest on experiences but one thing I never mentioned about, and not just me all individuals in this great place of God, is that we never plan about the future of our parents.

I know people might end up criticising me for even talking about their futures. And if they do so I’ll be glad Coz then they will say that this is not a topic of discussion, my parents will stay with me forever. If that is the case, I am ready for all such criticism.

Well this topic is just to let everyone rethink about their parents future. Huh! Surprising isn’t it. Because there is a time in our life when they talk to us about securing our future. About saving money, investing our time in right things, choosing better friends (yes, they helped in that case as well) and countless more things and I’m quite sure your parents would have done the same thing for you. Then why did the concept of an elders home come into picture?

My simple point of view here is that a day will come in your life where you’ll have to grow up and act smart. There might be a difference in opinions or anything xyz reason, but there is no reason strong enough to stay away from parents until death make us apart. Your parents are your responsibility and if you can’t give them a life they deserve then you are no good a child.

A friend once asked me what is Ram Rajya, well I don’t know much about what all things should be included in it but it will definitely have no place for elders home.

Inspired by marathi movie: Natasamrat!

कोणी घर देता का, घर?


Author: dwijeshsharma

live, love, laugh

2 thoughts on “You before me! ”

  1. Hi dwijesharma. What kind of future awaits us? What I have seen its bleak unless you are the one percent! Many thanks for liking “Divided! Destruction! Blindly! A Happy New Year! and Machines!” And for wanting to follow my poetry adventures! Very interested in all Paranormal! Conspiracy theories/Facts! UFO’s! Observing this crazy violent society! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Take one day at a time! Great to meet you. Be Safe!#TheFoureyedPoet.

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    1. Thank you so much Sir! And wishing you an amazing year ahead. I’ll definitely be reading your posts. Sir, I think there is something which differentiates that one percent people from us. That uncommon thing needs to be figured out by everyone. The brain is God gifted, it is on us to mould it better and give it a direction.


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