12. 4 Indians in Spain

Pre Script: continued from part 11. The guy who smoked in the car.

The boys bid adieu to the girl gang but little did they know that not all goodbyes are permanent.

Vicki called someone and asked us to wait for some 5 minutes, saying which he left. We thought he had gone to ask the girls about their hotel or contact details as he went in the same direction as they go but he came back with a driver in audi a4. Everyone was amazed.

That’s on me guys don’t worry have an experience.

And the boys now started their journey to this amazingly unknown place. The good thing about being at such a place is that you can be yourself without having no one to judge you. And ofcourse you don’t even have to worry about “log kya kahenge”

In the next 45 minutes, the gang enjoyed the road trip to their hotel. A little tired because of the journey, Dwijesh tried to take a nap, but the rest of the gang ensured that Dwijesh didn’t miss the scenic beauty of Spain.

Although dwijesh kept on saying that the next 3 days are to be spent by seeing the same view repeatedly, the others won’t allow him, calling his name again and again and disturbing him. That’s the beautiful irritation which friendship brings with itself.

Since Dwijesh had made all the bookings, the rest were completely unaware of the place they were about to spend 3 nights at…

Sarvesh – Dude, have you ensured that the hotel is a certified one and not a place where b grade movies are shot…

Dwijesh – oh no, but I guess you won’t even mind that dude

And all laughed…

Vicki – Dude, I want a proper air conditioned room…

Dwijesh – Stop that Vicki, it’s a posh hotel, you need not worry.

Chris – how much posh? I said you already that I am in the middle of some financial crisis and you booked a posh hotel.

Dwijesh – need not worry, not that posh to disturb your balance sheet. And please try not to behave like Harsh.

Vicki – You still in touch with him.

Dwijesh – Yup, you see Harsh’s best buddy is sitting next to you (pointing towards Sarvesh) so we did invite him to ensure no one feels left out.

Is that the place? Sarvesh asked pointing towards a hotel which was beautifully designed.

Yes, it is, Dwijesh replied.

Dude it looks awesome, Vicki said excitingly

Well it is.

Meanwhile, in India, as you may recollect, Erica who met Chris’s mother on the metro station, was waiting for his text. Although they had a fight, Chris would always text her something or the other, but she hasn’t heard from him for the past couple of days (left aside the flight time) She was worried enough, so she decided to text him.

Next part coming soon!


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