Story so far…

Hello bloggers, this is a glimpse of the story I started writing initially on wordpress but then stopped writing due to time constraints.

Here’s the thing,

The story starts with the marriage of Erica and Chris who happened to be friends with Dwijesh (me ofcourse). Erica was however confused and nervous the reason for which was not revealed. The next thing we know is that the story moves to a few months back. Dwijesh, Chris and Sarvesh are at a bar enjoying a drink. Later they plan for a trip to Spain. But since, Chris is travelling with his gf Erica to Goa so he explains his financial crisis to his mates. They being supportive come up with an idea to add another high school friend with them so that the contribution per head decreases and it becomes easy for Chris.

Vicki, the nerdy engineer was fortunately or unfortunately their only mutual choice.

The very next day while the four of them were planning about this trip Ishita, Dwijesh’s ex gf enters Relish bar. They broke up for a reason best known to Dwijesh, Chris and Sarvesh. Vicki is completely unaware of the reason. Sarvesh and Chris decide to move out of the bar before Dwijesh notices her. But destiny had some other plans as dwijesh lost his purse back in the bar and bumped into Ishita. He acted wise and matured enough to let go off the things. Next we know is that Vicki sees Dwijesh entering a cafe “Vienna treat.” He calls him but dwijesh says he is home, so Vicki thought it might be a doppelganger. Although he was amazed and wanted to see and ensure, but he was getting late as he had a site visit to “Vanessia” his own dream project at Karjat.

The next time when the group assembles in their favourite Relish bar, Sarvesh, who is a doctor forgets his briefcase.

As of now the group is in Spain waiting for the cab. Not all the stories can be summarised but it’s worth spending a few minutes. So I would suggest you all to read my first 11 posts. Know the characters and be ready for some more parts of this story.

See you guys soon.

Author: dwijeshsharma

live, love, laugh

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