The philosopher’s Goal!

Every morning I wake up confused. Confused about life, about events, about career, and what not…. And amidst all this, is a constant desire to try out new things. To take risk, to live, love, travel, earn, party and moreover do as I please…

Relatable, right?

At the end of the day, when we rest our head on those softened pillows, and revisit our life, there comes an imaginary audio visual of how things are meant to be… And all this only brings us to think what destiny has to offer us.

As someone who is addicted to reading quotes daily, I came across this 2 quotes…


If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.


If it’s meant to be, it will be find a way.

You certainly would have come across both of these.

TBH, I was constantly stuck between these two, until I decided that I’ll first go after what I want and then if it’s destined it will come… Lol…

It’s so funny, that we see things as we want to. Like if I don’t get what I want, my reaction is that maybe I was not destined to get it, while my parents think that I didn’t go after it.

So dear philosopher’s the next time you try to bring in a quote, why don’t you cover all aspects of the population. This way it will be suitable to all, relatable to all and won’t play games in our minds.

P.S. this post is in a lighter vein but some of the aspects are my actual concerns and feelings. I understand that the prime goal of all philosopher’s and reputed people is to bring in positivity through various sayings but these sayings were messing with my brain….


That girl I saw …

Craziness in her eyes,

And innocence on her face

Those glimpses of her soul,

Don’t surprise me anymore….

That trying to be stubborn

But ending up docile …

That fear of losing loved ones

Which she hides behind her smile…

That desire to live in the moment

And that constantly being reluctant…

She is a paradox in herself

But manages to enjoy every moment…

That is what amazes me, besides her hair and her eyes

And not to forget to mention her love for noodles and fries….

She trying to ignore is the beautiful sight to see,

Coz that willingness to talk, brings out the best smile you would ever see…

To be continued….

The mentor!

In less than a year’s time I’ll be completing my post graduation in organic chemistry. Huh! Finally the part of life called as education limited to the curriculum is going to end. And it will be the biggest mistake of my life if I don’t give enough credit to the one without whom this would not have been possible.

Although my mentor has been with me since my childhood but his role became prominent when I was in 10th.

It all started with an Algebra exam. Back then, it was my favourite subject and I still enjoy solving Maths. The last prelims of the school were around the corner and just like every other student I was preparing for the exams. Then came the Algebra exam, I was quite confident of scoring good marks and this was the final shot before the boards! So I solved and solved and solved… At the end, when I read the question paper, some how I could not remember the method to solve a few questions which made me nervous and I ended up messing it.

(Oh no, I didn’t fail, I scored 47/60 🤣🤣😂😂, but back then anything less than 59/60 in maths was not good enough for me)

I came home and talked about it. Frightened a bit, because my dad was very particular about the marks scored in maths and science. But he was quite supportive. He said never mind, sleep for sometime and then prepare for the next exam.

I was surprised, because as a kid, you know how your parents will react to certain situations. And specially when you are born in an Indian family. Because even if you get good marks there is always that friend who scores more than you. Relatable right?

The next episode happened 1 month before my 12th exams.

It was quite a busy schedule for me then as I had to appear for 5 exams at different places in 3 days.

My dad came to the rescue, and asked me to prepare only for one of them. He said even if you score less marks in others it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day I have to sign your scorecard and I will know the reason why you scored less, if at all you do.

I ended up scoring 5/75 in chemistry. Yea surprise! And this was just 15-20 days before the board exams.

I was coming home and my dad was leaving for some work then. He saw me a little sad and he asked me the reason behind it. I told him my marks and he replied, ”

No problem, it is okay.

If you would have scored more marks then it would have been difficult for you to identify your weaknesses. But now that you have scored only 5 it means the whole subject is a weakness for you. Study and make it your strength.

I ended up scoring 81/100 in the board exams. All parts covered in just 15-20 days. As of now I am not only learning but also teaching chemistry (and maths as well)

Just in a few months time I’ll be completing my masters in chemistry. It’s been an amazing journey, but it would not have been possible without those words and support. Thank you Papa!

The rocking chair which isn’t rocking anymore…

How often do you come across a rocking chair now? You might have come across a plastic one which many toddlers are seen with… But it has now become quite rare to locate one…

Time, my friend, changes the trend.

There was a time, some 20 years ago, (or maybe before, but I wasn’t there then so can’t say) where these chairs were trending. Such was the fun of sitting on those chairs that me and my sister used to fight for it. (We fighted for almost everything 😂😂)

We didn’t have one, but there was one at our relatives place. So that chair was like one of the reasons why we used to be so excited to visit our relatives. Ofcourse, the other reason was meeting cousin’s and the last reason was that back then we had no other options but to go with our parents… 😂😂

Those were the days…

As I speak of this, a movie scene Comes into my mind where the actor was sitting on the rocking chair and smoking cigar… So obviously these chairs were trending way back then…

But now, I hardly find any of these chairs around me. The fun of childhood is now gone and is far off reach. It’s not trending anymore. What’s trending now is a mobile phone in the hands of 5 year olds. It makes me happy that I was born before technology took over.

This is what life is about, things which ones meant the world to us, don’t even matter anymore. I remembered about this chair only today morning and I’m quite sure that this thing didn’t come in my mind for the past 5 years at least… That’s life!

Tc pals…

One day at a time…

One day at a time,

I’ll be by your side,

And problems will still exist, But We’ll find strength to push away the moments where you cried…

One day at a time,

We’ll be by the hall,

Talking about our favourite shows, and finding new genres to explore…

One day at a time,

We’ll be at my go – to place

Where you’ll enjoy your favourite pasta whilst I watch your face…

One day at a time

We’ll be at your favourite picnic site

And there we’ll create memories and recall all those fights…

One day at a time,

You’ll be here by myside

Arguing over which song should be played, but I know it will be about your beautiful eyes…

One day at a time,

That day might arrive,

And even though it may take years to come, it will be worth the strive…

Life after season 7 of “SUITS”

There are some tv shows with which you get so much clinged that the end of the show creates a void in the heart of the viewer.

I was quite lucky to have watched “friends” after the end of the show. Probably because in the beggining itself I was aware of how it ends.

Months back a friend of mine recommended me the tv series called “SUITS”. For all those who haven’t heard about it, it is a story of two successful lawyers and how their team manages to win case after case right from corporate cases to pro-bonos

Well it will be unjust to the reader if I fail to mention the fact that one of the lawyer “Mike Ross” (Played by Patrick Adams) is hired despite not being a lawyer, by Harvey Specter (Played by Gabriel Macht)

For people who stay regularly updated, they might be aware of this show as an amazing role of Rachel Zane has been played by Meghan Markle (to be her Highness, as she is getting married to Prince Harry)

Well, her Highness Rachel, is casted opposite to Mike. At the end of season 7, after facing a lot of problems, they finally get married.

Now, with the Royal marriage coming up Rachel has left the show and so has Mike citing family reasons.

Although Team “SUITS” has come up with new cast Katherine heigl (cast of Gray’s anatomy) but then Suits without Mike and Rachel will never feel like Suits again. Especially the Batman and Robin pair of Harvey and Mike.

But then again, not to forget, Donna and Harvey have been such an amazing pair that we might see more of them now. Hopefully season 8 will be coming soon and intersting enough to “Litt” us up

Will miss you Rachel and Mike.

You before me! 

Yes, absolutely the fans of Emilia Clarke would have noted that the title is an altered version of her movie “Me Before You.” but the topic of my interest today is something which I will always put before my personal gains and interests. PARENTS.

Well whenever I have posted about money and monetary planning stuffs, I have always talked about peeping into the future and saving a little for our future progenies while spending the rest on experiences but one thing I never mentioned about, and not just me all individuals in this great place of God, is that we never plan about the future of our parents.

I know people might end up criticising me for even talking about their futures. And if they do so I’ll be glad Coz then they will say that this is not a topic of discussion, my parents will stay with me forever. If that is the case, I am ready for all such criticism.

Well this topic is just to let everyone rethink about their parents future. Huh! Surprising isn’t it. Because there is a time in our life when they talk to us about securing our future. About saving money, investing our time in right things, choosing better friends (yes, they helped in that case as well) and countless more things and I’m quite sure your parents would have done the same thing for you. Then why did the concept of an elders home come into picture?

My simple point of view here is that a day will come in your life where you’ll have to grow up and act smart. There might be a difference in opinions or anything xyz reason, but there is no reason strong enough to stay away from parents until death make us apart. Your parents are your responsibility and if you can’t give them a life they deserve then you are no good a child.

A friend once asked me what is Ram Rajya, well I don’t know much about what all things should be included in it but it will definitely have no place for elders home.

Inspired by marathi movie: Natasamrat!

कोणी घर देता का, घर?