Save for the future or invest in the present? 

Many of us have been going through this stuff. Money is like one of the most volatile thing to exist in this beautiful world. 

So the day I started earning, elders started suggesting me to save. Spend less and put the money in some life insurance or blah blah blah. 

On the contrary I believe in spending. Get experiences which will be worth sharing.  You save today to spend tomorrow, but what if you don’t see a tomorrow. 

I know people will tell that what if you don’t have anything to spend tomorrow and you need it urgently…  Emergencies and all…  But my point is clear, don’t spend all the money, keep a share of it for tomorrow, at the same time do not limit yourself.  

God blessed us with a life and made us all capable to bring in another life on earth. But he never said that you save for their future and secure it.  I don’t say that your child should not be a priority, what I wish to say is that if everyone is saving for their future generations than we are not enjoying our stay on this planet. We are securing our child’s future, they in turn will secure the future of their progenies. We are just burdening ourselves with responsibility which may not even exist in the first place. 

Our life is precious, don’t waste it thinking about what will happen in the future. It will not go as planned for sure. But, yes one thing is certain that if you live as if tomorrow is your last day, then you will definitely have great stories to recite.  

Stay blessed and live long pals. 

Feel free to share your thoughts…



“Respect your elders and women”  

This is what we have been told right from our formative years. As and when we grow, we tend to forget most of the other things but this “Respect” one continues to stay with us. Obviously because we practice it daily.

I had this professor in my junior college who would never let any student to stand and greet him or stand and answer his questions. He was of the opinion that respect should be in the heart. Afterall what’s the point of respecting him on his face and then using low grade adjectives on his back. 

On the other hand, one teacher in my high school had a complete different opinion. She always said that respecting someone is a habit and it should be irrespective of who or what that person is. 

Yet another example is of a teacher who used to call her students as Sir and Ma’am, as she always said, Give respect, get respect!  

Harvey Specter, a character from the TV series Suits, once remarked on air that You need respect, you gotta earn it. 

4 different people, 4 different perspectives. 

There were so many other things our parents and elders taught us, but we are stuck today with only one thing “Respect”.  Why is it that respect matters more? 

I hear about local leaders being respected due to man as well as money power and at the same time Our PM being critically abused.  

I think respect the person who deserves to be respected irrespective of caste, age or gender. 

Stay blessed pals!  

Money makers!

Ever since I read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” this thought has been coming again and again in my mind.

They say money attracts money. This is true and adding to this I would say the more you spend, the more it comes back to you. Just as they say, what goes around, comes around.

I am no finance guru but its what I have seen happening and I am making an attempt to make you all understand the reason behind this philosophy of mine.

Successful people don’t do different things, they do the same, in a different way. That’s how it works. A general middle class family tends to save, while the rich, they tend to invest. It is so obvious that the saved money gives you barely an interest of 5-10% p.a. While on the other hand, the invested money may get doubled or tripled. (I don’t deny that it may get halved as well)

So what exactly makes the money makers, high profile people different from us?

It is just their willingness to take risk.

All in all, when you spend money, you ensure that you earn enough, but when you start saving it, you start getting accustomed and contended to this shortage of money.

So I guess it’s time, when we start getting ourselves out of this uncomfortably comfortable zone.

Maybe, I am thinking the wrong way so feel free to correct me and leave your precious opinions below.

12. 4 Indians in Spain

Pre Script: continued from part 11. The guy who smoked in the car.

The boys bid adieu to the girl gang but little did they know that not all goodbyes are permanent.

Vicki called someone and asked us to wait for some 5 minutes, saying which he left. We thought he had gone to ask the girls about their hotel or contact details as he went in the same direction as they go but he came back with a driver in audi a4. Everyone was amazed.

That’s on me guys don’t worry have an experience.

And the boys now started their journey to this amazingly unknown place. The good thing about being at such a place is that you can be yourself without having no one to judge you. And ofcourse you don’t even have to worry about “log kya kahenge”

In the next 45 minutes, the gang enjoyed the road trip to their hotel. A little tired because of the journey, Dwijesh tried to take a nap, but the rest of the gang ensured that Dwijesh didn’t miss the scenic beauty of Spain.

Although dwijesh kept on saying that the next 3 days are to be spent by seeing the same view repeatedly, the others won’t allow him, calling his name again and again and disturbing him. That’s the beautiful irritation which friendship brings with itself.

Since Dwijesh had made all the bookings, the rest were completely unaware of the place they were about to spend 3 nights at…

Sarvesh – Dude, have you ensured that the hotel is a certified one and not a place where b grade movies are shot…

Dwijesh – oh no, but I guess you won’t even mind that dude

And all laughed…

Vicki – Dude, I want a proper air conditioned room…

Dwijesh – Stop that Vicki, it’s a posh hotel, you need not worry.

Chris – how much posh? I said you already that I am in the middle of some financial crisis and you booked a posh hotel.

Dwijesh – need not worry, not that posh to disturb your balance sheet. And please try not to behave like Harsh.

Vicki – You still in touch with him.

Dwijesh – Yup, you see Harsh’s best buddy is sitting next to you (pointing towards Sarvesh) so we did invite him to ensure no one feels left out.

Is that the place? Sarvesh asked pointing towards a hotel which was beautifully designed.

Yes, it is, Dwijesh replied.

Dude it looks awesome, Vicki said excitingly

Well it is.

Meanwhile, in India, as you may recollect, Erica who met Chris’s mother on the metro station, was waiting for his text. Although they had a fight, Chris would always text her something or the other, but she hasn’t heard from him for the past couple of days (left aside the flight time) She was worried enough, so she decided to text him.

Next part coming soon!

Story so far…

Hello bloggers, this is a glimpse of the story I started writing initially on wordpress but then stopped writing due to time constraints.

Here’s the thing,

The story starts with the marriage of Erica and Chris who happened to be friends with Dwijesh (me ofcourse). Erica was however confused and nervous the reason for which was not revealed. The next thing we know is that the story moves to a few months back. Dwijesh, Chris and Sarvesh are at a bar enjoying a drink. Later they plan for a trip to Spain. But since, Chris is travelling with his gf Erica to Goa so he explains his financial crisis to his mates. They being supportive come up with an idea to add another high school friend with them so that the contribution per head decreases and it becomes easy for Chris.

Vicki, the nerdy engineer was fortunately or unfortunately their only mutual choice.

The very next day while the four of them were planning about this trip Ishita, Dwijesh’s ex gf enters Relish bar. They broke up for a reason best known to Dwijesh, Chris and Sarvesh. Vicki is completely unaware of the reason. Sarvesh and Chris decide to move out of the bar before Dwijesh notices her. But destiny had some other plans as dwijesh lost his purse back in the bar and bumped into Ishita. He acted wise and matured enough to let go off the things. Next we know is that Vicki sees Dwijesh entering a cafe “Vienna treat.” He calls him but dwijesh says he is home, so Vicki thought it might be a doppelganger. Although he was amazed and wanted to see and ensure, but he was getting late as he had a site visit to “Vanessia” his own dream project at Karjat.

The next time when the group assembles in their favourite Relish bar, Sarvesh, who is a doctor forgets his briefcase.

As of now the group is in Spain waiting for the cab. Not all the stories can be summarised but it’s worth spending a few minutes. So I would suggest you all to read my first 11 posts. Know the characters and be ready for some more parts of this story.

See you guys soon.

Murder of childhood

Many say, 90’s kids have been the best generation so far and even if you have never heard of this, than I am the one quoting this for you.

Whenever, I talk about my childhood, faded memories of playing those funny superman cards, wwe cards, ludo, carrom, playing football in the rains, hide and seek, that doctor set we used to play with while acting as a doctor and so many stuffs come in my mind. We had this business and scrabble game which we used to play every single day with friends. There are so many memories which are right now in front of my eyes and so close to my heart that I am almost re-living them.

I don’t say I had an amazing childhood, but for sure I had a childhood in which I created memories which I’ll cherish till death takes me away.

As an individual with so many memories, I am both happy as well as sad, Happy because I see children today learning so much stuff, right from guitar to swimming, abacus to karate. But at the same time, I am sad because, somewhere in making their children talented, people have made their kids lose a childhood and a decade of memories.

I remember, some 12 years back we had this videogame, playing which me and my sister would spend a lot of time trying to win against each other. It was so much fun back then to play “mario” and so many other games.

No offence, but parents today are not giving a childhood but instead a schedule of hobby classes to their children.

The ad of milk supplements adds to the parental pressure as well. Yes, ofcourse because all the parents see other kids doing so many activities which their child doesn’t.

Technology has aborted all those cricket and badminton matches which would have strengthen friendships between childhood mates.

Use of vehicles has become so much prominent that they are missing the fun of racing with a cycle.

As a child, we did this funny little picnics amongst friends wherein we went to the nearest garden equipped with biscuits, juices and chocolates and had so much fun.

But now, the schedules of 5 year olds don’t match. You see they are in different play schools.

Kids today and in the future may never know what fun it was playing with friends than playing against computer.

Parents you need to know that not every child is an Einstein, not every one is destined to be an IIT’ian or a doctor but yes every child is entitled to a childhood, please do not murder it.